What We Do What We Do

Our Expert Network is a platform through which our clients can communicate directly with industry experts, either through phone consultation or in-person meetings. Such communication is flexible, highly-effective and interactive, and has been an exceptionally popular tool for acquiring the latest and most relevant market insights. With an extensive network and broad reach, we guarantee that we can find the most suitable experts for any consultation. Through our systematic approach, our well-trained research associates ensure that objectives, criteria, and follow-ups are clearly communicated and that our clients’ demands can be met in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

Consultation Process Overview

1Whenever you need to delve into an industry and find a relevant expert with whom to communicate, just tell us:
1.Sectors of interest
2.Key discussion topics
3.Key questions or concerns
2After receiving the request, a Project Manager (PM) will be assigned to assist you throughout the process.Typically, a list of potential candidates will be provided within a few hours.
3After reviewing the candidates, you may let our PM know:
1.The experts whom you would like to interview
2.The date and time that works best for you
4The PM will arrange the consultation per your instruction and confirm via email or telephone.
5Post consultation, our PM will:
1.Confirm the duration of the consultation
2.Gather feedback on the consultation and the expert
3.Arrange any follow-up required for unaddressed questions or new issues
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