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Case: CIC’s Indepedent Industry Consulting Service for IPO

  • Our client (the “Company”) is a leading railway machinery manufacturing and servicing company, with decades of experience in China;
  • The Company sought IPO on HKEX to build and upgrade production and service facilities and to make acquisitions to support its globalization and expansion strategy;
  • China Insights Consultancy was selected as the Company’s industry consultant to draft the independent third-party industry report and the Industry Overview section of the IPO Prospectus.
  • CIC studied the industry’s historical development, growth prospects, driving factors, regulatory policies, competitive landscape and risk factors through using both primary and secondary research;
  • CIC further analyzed sub-segments of the industry, identified growth opportunities, market trends, growth potentials and challenges, both domestically and globally;
  • CIC identified the Company’s competitive advantages and market position through benchmarking analysis of both qualitative research (business model, R&D, products and services among its competitors), and quantitative research (business revenue, financial performance, market share, and rankings in overall market and sub-segments);
  • CIC submitted the draft report by the end of the 4th working week, and the final report after 6 weeks, after incorporating comments from other parties.
  • CIC consultant team attended all the drafting session and the printer session, and was actively involved in the discussion of the Business Overview and Industry Overview sections of the prospectus;
  • CIC was able to identify figures that would accentuate the Company’s competitive advantage and substantiate relevant industry related claims throughout the Prospectus;
  • CIC effectively addressed inquiries from regulatory authorities and potential investors regarding the industry, the business model and market position.
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