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CIC has a young and energetic team led by experienced managers dedicated to mentoring the next generation of industry consultants and knowledge gate keepers. Every team member is dedicated to building and perfecting our Expert Network,serving our clients and giving back to our community to make a lasting impact on society.

If you are passionate about making connections,gaining a deeper understanding of different aspects of the economy, and serving our clients, we welcome you to join our team!

Research Analyst

1.Assist project manager to find right experts with the most relevant background and experience to meet our clients’ needs by utilizing existing resources and developing more effective channels
2.Successfully deliver projects by deep understanding project requirements, interviewing experts, matching experts and arrange the consultation per clients’ instruction
3.Participate in online and offline industry conferences and exhibitions to gain wide range of industry knowledge
4.Constantly improve existing working processes and the service provided to clients
5.Assist in industry hot research
6.Maintain and enrich internal database and system

Job Requirement:
1.Bachelor degree or above
2.Experience in financial services, consulting, headhunting and journalism would be a plus
3.High caliber fresh graduates are also welcome to apply
4.Fluent English speaking and writing, at least CET 6
5.Excellent communication and interpersonal skill
6.Open-minded, accountable, proactive, quick leaner, ambitious and hard-working
7.Good at 微软 Office Skill, including word, excel, PPT, etc.

Please send your resume to HR@cninsights.com, Interview scheduled upon review of documents.
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